Visit Us!

Saturdays from 10am – 3pm
or by appointment

Open through August 14th

1917 E. Mountain Rd. Guilford, VT
(802) 251-0330 (landline)


This is not your usual plant nursery. If you can and wish to contribute money (in any amount) for the plants you take, please do – but it’s more than OK not to. Half of all the money that we receive goes to covering our costs (seeds, potting soil, soil amendments, etc.) and the other half is donated to local nonprofits doing good work in our community.

Donations of plants, used pots (see below), or other needed support is always very welcome, too.

Supporting Local Nonprofits

For the first month in 2021, half of all proceeds will be donated to the SUSU CommUNITY Farm

In 2020, we donated nearly $800!

Here’s where it went:

If you have a suggestion for an organization for us to support, let us know!

Plastic Pots


We’re happy to take your used plastic pots back for reuse. BUT! Sometimes we accumulate more than we can handle – so please check in before dropping your pots off. Most often, we’re in need of gallon-size pots or smaller.

Why “Comfrey Commons”

heal * together * share

Comfrey is a pretty awesome plant. Humans have long used it to heal broken bones, bruises, and wounds. Its sweet purple flowers attract pollinators and other beneficial insects, and long tap roots bring up minerals from deep in the soil. The leaves can be used as mulch and fertilizer, helping to build and enrich topsoil. It’s also a plant with exceptional survival skills – a perennial that thrives almost anywhere. The botanical name for Comfrey is Symphytum. Sym means together in Greek.

The word Commons refers to a resource that is shared by everyone. Comfrey Commons is for our whole community – for anyone to get and to give plants.

About Me

I’m a lifelong plant enthusiast and worked as a professional gardener for many years – but I’ve always wanted to start a plant nursery. In spring 2020, inspired by the huge surge of interest in gardening in our community and lots of plant-sharing among neighbors, Comfrey Commons had it’s humble beginnings. I’m excited to see where it will go from here!

– Anna